In The Mood For Meditation

On on Occasion His Holiness The Dalai Lama was hosting a reception in India, welcoming the monks who were released from the jail in Tibet after Chinese suppression. He interviewed one of the senior monks who was jailed for 30 years, "Was there a particular dangerous moment when you were you in prison? asked The Dalai Lama,
"Yes, there was a very dangerous moment in prison" said the Monk
"What was it?" Asked Dalai Lama
"I almost lost my compassion to the prison guards who used to beat me up everyday" said the old monk.
As a result of the posture that you have developed through meditative discipline and the awareness techniques you have been using, such as following the breath, you begin to notice that there are moments of gap, moments of fresh outlook, moments of letting go, and moments of a natural sense of existence. There are moments of natural relaxation. This is the practice of mahamudra, which cuts through any habitual tendencies, any thought processes that could create problems.
~Chogyam Trungpa~
Mindfulness is the foundation of all meditation, so each lesson starts with mindfulness development, which should begin with mental preparation to relax and sit in a balanced posture, in a way every meditation session starts fresh. Everyone is free to do a taster lesson and find out if it is suitable, so other than free intro lesson, it is not pointless even if you come in the middle of 8 week course for example. Every lesson is an independent one.
That being said, those who commit to the entire course will get more out of it, not because they learn something more advanced each time, but because meditation is more of self-discovery or self-therapy, I am simply there to point the way, in the Buddhist tradition it is believed it takes many lifetimes to attain some realisation(let alone the final enlightenment, the Buddhahood), so when there is a course going, I would be doing my best to explain, and encourage; using analogies, stories and give tips as much as I can, but none of this can happen if there is hardly any teacher-student relationship, sometimes questions won't come up until the 3rd session, so it is not easy if teacher doesn't know the students very well or vice versa. Moreover meditation is such a gradual process, it is not like the experience of food tasting, especially if you have misunderstanding in the first session, then leaving completely doesn't give any chance to clear up the doubts, and very possibly carry that misunderstanding for the rest of your life.
The next course is themed "Metta"(Loving Kindness), it is still based on mindfulness, when the meditators are more settled, then instruction will be given to shift the awareness towards personal feelings, and contemplation on compassion, as this is an opportunity to find out the link between meditation and the emphasis on compassionate thoughts and acts in our lives.
It is suitable for everyone, it helps re-discover our inner selves, how we have been approaching people and situations around us since we were born, and evaluate how much happiness we have gained or received to this point, and perhaps it is time to ask yourself, am I happy like this? Am I happy attached to the idea of something? or someone?
Finally the website is on live available to all those who might be interested in Meditation.  I will try to update the best I can in relation to meditation.  First of all, I would like to share with you my experience and realisation over many years of meditation practice.  Started 17 years ago I was reading up on a lot of books about Buddhism, and what caught my attention was the fact that the historical Buddha, was a prince before he went on the journey to enlightenment.  He gave up all his possession and power in search for a way out of what he called the cycle of existence, birth, aging, illness and death.  During his 6 years of searching, he went through ordeals of starvation, extreme discomfort and yet he was not satisfied.  He then sat under the Bodhi tree, and vowed not to get out of meditation until he found the answer.  The word Buddha means awaken, it was not a name by creation, through meditation he was awaken from the whole projection of what self is, the self that is shaped and identified by the culture, society, religion and belief imposed by others.  And the self that is consist of many causes and conditions is forever changing, and the ideas of what self is by nature is-delusional. 
When we talk about meditation, we think of peace, which is something many of us long for, regardless of our background, profession and ethnicity, no one wants to suffer.  The Buddha taught meditation specifically for that reason, he didn't teach so he could spread his philosophy.  One time a philosopher came to visit him, and asked him whether or not he agreed that the true self has no real existence.  The philosopher asked the question 3 times, but the Buddha remained silent, watching all this happened, the Buddha's disciple Annanda was confused, he said my noble teacher, why did you not answer the philosopher?  "My teaching is about overcoming suffering, he just wants my answer so he can form his theory" said the Buddha.
Hence In The Mood For Meditation provides a service that aims to help those who want to relax, deal with stress, learn about mind and body, counteract the emotional problems, and even to fight depression.  This course is absolutely for everyone, one does not have to become a Buddhist, there's no one that you have to worship, all we do is bring awareness back to our lives, when one is aware of breathing, or body movement, one is living in present moment, and that opens the door to the inner self, we become calmer, more clear minded, make better decisions, and with all these insights about the self, we learn about love, relationship, and we can finally let go of the rigid belief of duality; that everything must have good and bad, or right and wrong.  Meditation is very freeing and liberating, just for a few minutes we liberate ourselves from busy thinking, future planning, worrying about our careers, relationship, and obsessesion with sensual rewards.  Once again, welcome to my meditation site, feel free to interact and give feedback.  Have a wonderful time.