In The Mood For Meditation

Mindfulness meditation or Calm abiding meditation (“Shi-Nay” in Tibetan/Samatha meditation):

Mindfulness meditation is a way to reconnect to what we really are. Through placing our awareness on any particular part of our bodies for a certain period of time, one begins to develop this awareness which brings close attention to his/her inner self. When this awareness is maintained, one gains strength and becomes undistracted by the thoughts and emotions. Eventually the thinking process will slow down and less need to involve with the thoughts will be experienced, one’s mind becomes calmer, in a peaceful state. It is also a deeply relaxing experience, which allows us to embark on this journey to self-discovery.

In the initial stage, one learns to relax and to release tension. This in turn lowers the risk of chronic diseases and increase mental and physical health. The long term benefit of meditation includes a calmer state of mind, mental clarity, more positive perception towards life, and more control of our mind.

This meditation course is suitable for everyone, especially those who would like to de-stress, relax, and work on emotion related problems.

Insight meditation(“Lak-Tong” in Tibetan):

Insight meditation builds on the foundation of Mindfulness meditation. When one achieves a certain mental clarity through Mindfulness meditation, one becomes an observer of the mind but without being analytical.

The process of looking at the mind is very therapeutic, it reveals many insights about the self. These insights are genuine
experiences which tell us how much we rely on sensory rewards, and in effect we suffer when things aren’t going our ways. The insight meditation is also a type of inspection of our meditation sessions, it keeps the meditation in check.
Insight meditation is suitable for those who have previously completed mindfulness meditation.

Lojong (Tibetan mind training based on compassion):

This meditation is a variation of mindfulness meditation technique. When a meditator reaches a calmer mind state, he/she begins to bring awareness to the personal relationship. By generating loving kindness feeling, it helps resolve our attachment to negative belief towards ourselves and others.

Metta/Lojong meditation can be very freeing, therapeutic and create harmony in our lives.
This course is suitable for everyone, especially those who want to work on their problems on relationship, self-esteem, emotion related issues.


A short retreat is an ideal way to unwind and opportunity to go deeper into our meditation. It is a great way to revitalise and recharge, after spending most of our energy in dealing with stress, and worries. A retreat usually takes place after the 7 weeks course finishes, please do check on the website for upcoming courses and retreats.

Mindfulness meditation weekly class - 5 sessions for £20
Drop-in meditation per session - £5
Mobile lesson in private/office - £50 per/hour (in London area) extra charge applies depends on the distance.


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