In The Mood For Meditation

Free Tuesday evening class 2017

Location: Eastbourne House Arts in Bethnal Green, Bullards place, E2 0PT, London UK.

The class will focus mainly on Samatha(Calm abiding) meditation, the techniques involve strengthening the ability to be mindful through giving awareness to the body sensations, the postures, the breathing, and a speciality to Tibetan meditation tradition, there will be instructions on visualisation as well.

Comfortable clothing is high recommended, yoga mat and meditation cushion will be provided by the centre.

Date: 17/Oct/2017,
Time: 18:30~19:30 and 19:30~20:30

The coming meditation class is suitable for everyone, based on Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there will be talks in between sessions, on how one can benefit from the techniques as well as finding meanings and balance in life. The greatest obstacles will be dealing with frustration from not knowing how the meditation techniques is going to bring benefit in the initial stage, for example boredom can be overpowering for some to carry on. To develop a mindfulness routine in a personal style is so crucial in the development of long term meditation study, and I will always be there to inspire you!

P.S NO CLASS on the 24th of October 2017.