In The Mood For Meditation

Class suspended due to relocation
Unfortunately the class at the Greenwich centre is now suspended, due to noise issues and after numerous tries without success, however on the positive note, I have been in contact with some other centres in central London, some are designed specifically for meditation and yoga practice. As soon as things become concrete, the class details will be announced on this website immediately. I do apologise for the inconvenience during the transition.

The coming Mindfulness classes is suitable for everyone, based on Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there will be talks in between sessions, on how one can benefit from the techniques as well as finding meanings and balance in life. The greatest obstacles will be dealing with frustration from not knowing how the meditation techniques is going to bring benefit as in the initial stage, for example boredom can be overpowering for some to carry on.
Therefore to develop a mindfulness routine in a personal style which helps blend in mundane world, is so crucial in the development of long term meditation study, and I will always be there to inspire you!