In The Mood For Meditation

Mindfulness is the foundation of all meditation, so each lesson starts with mindfulness development, which should begin with mental preparation to relax and sit in a balanced posture, in a way every meditation session starts fresh. Everyone is free to do a taster lesson and find out if it is suitable, so other than free intro lesson, it is not pointless even if you come in the middle of 8 week course for example. Every lesson is an independent one.
That being said, those who commit to the entire course will get more out of it, not because they learn something more advanced each time, but because meditation is more of self-discovery or self-therapy, I am simply there to point the way, in the Buddhist tradition it is believed it takes many lifetimes to attain some realisation(let alone the final enlightenment, the Buddhahood), so when there is a course going, I would be doing my best to explain, and encourage; using analogies, stories and give tips as much as I can, but none of this can happen if there is hardly any teacher-student relationship, sometimes questions won't come up until the 3rd session, so it is not easy if teacher doesn't know the students very well or vice versa. Moreover meditation is such a gradual process, it is not like the experience of food tasting, especially if you have misunderstanding in the first session, then leaving completely doesn't give any chance to clear up the doubts, and very possibly carry that misunderstanding for the rest of your life.
The next course is themed "Metta"(Loving Kindness), it is still based on mindfulness, when the meditators are more settled, then instruction will be given to shift the awareness towards personal feelings, and contemplation on compassion, as this is an opportunity to find out the link between meditation and the emphasis on compassionate thoughts and acts in our lives.
It is suitable for everyone, it helps re-discover our inner selves, how we have been approaching people and situations around us since we were born, and evaluate how much happiness we have gained or received to this point, and perhaps it is time to ask yourself, am I happy like this? Am I happy attached to the idea of something? or someone?